Peace Of Mind In Daily Living

To allow “I don’t know” without the compulsion to change what IS.

Just for a minute...

Peace of mind in daily living,

independent of circumstances

Thoughts and feelings do not touch the peace of being; unless “I am” is confused with "me".

Peace is the absence of agitation,

happiness is our true nature.

The root of our suffering is an assumed “me” that can either be diminished or aggrandized by circumstances.

In the world but not of it

We can investigate the nature of mind and uproot our faulty thinking and misidentification – the cause of suffering.

Being practical in daily living

We can playfully discover where we drain our resources, where we miss the mark, where our subtle "I don't like this" is taken personally.

Source / Consciousness

Fear, willfulness, arrogance, pride, shame, guilt, lack, loneliness, boredom are not problems but invitations to demystify “God”, to see where we are distracted or intimidated by unexamined childhood beliefs.

Paid one-on-one sessions

Not to sell you water at the river, but as a concession to the idea of substance.
Text/phone: One eight three one two seven five zero seven four seven.

Peace of mind in daily living.

We are not born to cry, but to embrace the gift of life.

Peace comes first, then happiness cares for itself.

This here is one of my simple

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Lovely !!!POMIDL is wonderful.
Resonated with every word. Thanks.
It's always very nice to see your face in the zoom meetings.
Love and best regardsJ in I
I don't think there's anything that can be removed [from this website]...
but perhaps added?
How much are you charging for one on one sessions and how long are the sessions...
E in A
Regarding the website:The seabirds are inspired.The simplicity to density ratio doesn't give any signs of being forced.Well done i see improvement!M in M